Booking & Cancellation Policy General appointments

If you wish to book me for party or other event makeup I will usually require a deposit in advance as I will hold that appointment for you and won’t book in any other clients. I need to do this due to some last minute cancellations unfortunately! (Regular clients excluded) If the appointment is at short notice, I may waive deposit at my discretion. Cancellations from 48hrs before appointment will be charged at 50% cost of service.


Your date will be held upon receipt of deposit and signed contract, I shall have the option to void agreement if deposit and signed agreement is not received 14 days after sending agreement.

As stated in the contract: If I receive written notice from the Client not less than the thirty (30) days prior to the Event Date that my services will not be required by client then client shall not be liable for the contracted price. If I receive written notice from the client, notifying me of a cancellation between fourteen (14) and twenty nine (29) days prior to the date of the event, client agrees to pay fifty percent (50%) of the contracted price.

Other Policies

1. No children under 12 allowed at appointments, this is for two reasons:

A. It is meant to be a relaxing and pampering time for you and we can’t do that if you are having to keep an eye on your child at the same time.

B. Hygiene and safety of my kit, understandably your child will see, and want to touch all the pretty colours and soft brushes. If they do then hygiene will be compromised, and I may have to bill you for new product, or time spent rewashing brushes. I hope you understand.

2. At bridal appointments you may bring one friend or family member with you if you wish to, however I usually find that it’s better to chat and get a feel for each other without other input, I do understand though if you’d you’d like your bestie or Mum there :)